The Pioneer : Academic Hiring Trends in Indian Higher Education

An article by Kalpesh Banker in the Pioneer Avenues:

Recently there is paradigm shift in hiring trends of academics in higher education institutions in India. Shortage of faculty in higher educational institutions across sectors can be attributed to be the basic reason for it. This has led institutions to increase salaries and hire faculties from outside to improve the quality and competition.

Institutions are now a days focusing on faculty with some corporate experience, to make education more practical, not just bookish knowledge. Industry leaders are also keen to share their experiences and knowledge with the pupil eager to enter corporate world.

To give students international exposure, higher education institutions are hiring faculties from abroad. In global top 100 b-schools there are more than 900 faculties of Indian origin. These are willing to give back to their home country by taking up assignments with Indian institutions.

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Academic Hiring Trends

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