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Internationalization is a great way for an institution to expand its footprints in foreign land while providing high value to its students and faculty. In a highly-connected world, this will allow your institute to transcend cultural and geographical boundaries and gain significant brand value via international student and faculty exchange programs.

Internationalization will bring forth new challenges and opportunities to your students and faculty. There is an increasing demand in student expectations for ‘borderless’ education and attractive global faculty. Therein lays the opportunity for your institution to become a culturally vibrant, internationally connected education hub working with the most talented academicians in the world.

Edushine’s unique way of synergizing clients in Indian Education internationally can transform the fortunes for them. With the competence of understanding the needs of the Indian University, we guide them by providing a prolific academic search of scores of universities across the globe for various types of tie-ups. Backing it with post-dealing integration and other means, we look for providing the best possible resources to cater the needs of our clients successfully. Our research results can help universities in building long-term partnerships and have a sustainable internationalization transformation.

  • Student and Faculty Exchange
  • Internship Program
  • Joint Degree Program
  • Distance Education
  • Collaborative Industry Research
  • Exchange of publications, reports, articles and other academic information
  • Curriculum Development
  • Twinning Programs
  • Reciprocal exchange of students

We aim at targeting the perfect institution with client’s objectives and preferences. Achieving internationalisation transformation of clients with the right tie-ups is thus done by geographically mapping and easily narrowing down the options for them promptly.

We initiate active conversation with the target institution to create compelling value proposition for engaged long term partnership with our Indian clients.

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