EduShine started as India’s first Academic Search firm in 2011.Intitally it focused solely on higher education recruitment and executive search. Within a short span, we have grown into an education strategy consulting firm, exclusively focused on higher education consulting. We aim to be the mainstay of academic institutions in their journey to excellence. Today we are undispituted leader in higher education recruitment in India and emerging education sector focused managment consulting firm.

We believe in forging committed partnerships with institutions, based on a common set of values and their vision. Together, we strive to develop actionable insights, mobilize resources for optimal execution, and energize teams to achieve success. We hope to be instrumental in bringing a positive transformation on the education map of the nation.

EduShine is a boutique Strategic Management Consulting firm exclusively focused on Higher Education. We assist premier higher education institutions in it’s journey to excellence.

We Believe:

Quality of Education is dependent on the quality of Academicians.

Our Vision:

“Making Education, More Valuable”

Our Mission:

To be the most trusted independent education consulting firm in India by creating value for our client Institutions and building engaged relationship with the stakeholders in the education ecosystem.

The Pole Star’s apparent position remains unchanged. It is a dependable indicator of direction at any point of time. Its angle of elevation can also be used to determine latitude. Everything we do at EduShine is inspired by The Pole Star — our unswerving commitment to do the right thing for our clients, our stakeholders, and our communities.

We ground ourselves in our client’s specific situation and align our actions and incentives with their success. This ensures our communal ambitions to deliver true results and ensures your requirement of a consultant.

Pole Star defines the internal values and culture that makes EduShine special:

Pragmatic Solutions for results,

Openness to the rarest possibility that current beliefs could be wrong,

Long Term view on our relationship with the clients,

Enthusiasm to constantly deliver innovative solutions that makes client institutions obsessed with us,

Solutions, not suggestions,

Team Spirit, extending trust, respect, and support in all our interactions, to direct our collective energy at winning externally,

Actionable insights, inputs and solutions,

Results completely aligning with our clients for their success.

Kalpesh Banker

Kalpesh Banker(Lead – Research)

Kalpesh is the founder and managing partner of EduShine. Under his strategic vision and guidance, EduShine emerged as a leading education strategy consulting from India’s first and the only Academic Search firm. He plays a seminal role in building and strengthening quality of some of the most prestigious educational institutions of the country.

Darshna Vaghela

Darshna Vaghela(Lead – Research)

Darshna heads the research vertical for EduShine. She has the credit of being an academic scholar in the academic leadership and is currently pursuing doctoral research at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. Armed with her knowledge and expertise, she is the backbone of our service offerings and an exceptional ingenuity for EduShine

Siddharth Mukund

Siddharth Mukund(Lead – Media Initiatives)

Siddharth our lead in media initiatives is an extremely resourceful and a multi-talented professional. He previously donned the hats of a correspondent with the Digit magazine, a sales professional with Microsoft and a digital marketing consultant. He has an extraordinary knack of winning over people with his straightforward and honest attitude.

Team EduShine is our most valuable asset and makes us what we are today. It is this team, which is behind EduShine’s uniqueness and success. We have built our team on a simple philosophy ‘bringing the best together’. Hence, our team comprises a potent combination of seasoned management consultants and academic scholars. All our members are self-driven and research focused individuals, who are passionate about taking Indian higher education sector to greater heights through a well-defined education strategy.

Having said this, we are always on the look out for the bright achievers from the diverse backgrounds, and who can share our passion.

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