Institutional Assessment

Institutional Assessment

Indian Higher Education sector is witnessing rapid changes internally and in the environment it operates. With these rapid changes, Institutional goals and objectives have changed drastically.

Edushine conducts institutional assessment to identify human capital competancy gaps against institutional goals & designs education recruitment consultanting model. We diagnose institution’s current approach, identify assets, flaws, prospects and threats and design the roadmap for the future. It offers an opportunity to measure the institution’s efficiency and organizational patterns to suggest areas of improvement.

Working with a specialist

Institutional assessment is a crucial process as it helps provide unbiased, independent perspective about the health of your organization. It is, therefore, important to bring on board an expert who can facilitate this assessment effectively and efficiently within set timeframes.

Edushine’s expertise

EduShine’Institutional Assessment provides actionable outcomes aimed towards institutional restructuring and transformation. Being in Human Capital consulting with focus on Higher Education sector, we have analysed various business models operating in higher education sector, comparing them against each other and the goals they were aiming to achieve. This has helped us provide actionable outcomes aimed towards institutional restructuring and transformation.

We conduct Institutional Assessment to benchmark Institution’s current organisational structure / chart against institutional goals and objectives. In addition, we also conduct assessment of Institution’s leadership against it’s ability to achieve set goals.

EduShine’s report provides actionable outcomes aimed towards institutional restructuring and transformation.

We offer:

  • Institution Review & Restructuring
  • Reviewing, defining & communicating Vision, Mission & Principles (VMPs) across the Institution
  • Aligning Institution Structure with Strategy
  • Aligning People / HR Strategy with Institution’s Strategy
  • Competency Mapping, Role Analysis & Job Description OD & Change Management
  • Organization Climate assessment
  • Intervention Design & Management
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Change Management Plan & Facilitation
  • Leadership Development & Succession Planning HR Systems & Processes
  • Reviewing HR Systems & Processes
  • Re-engineering HR Processes
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