The Education World : Higher Education: Up Up and Away

Kalpesh Banker in Education World Magazine on Salaries of faculty in higher education sector.

Kalpesh Banker (managing partner – Edushine Advisory Group) quote, “Salary and wage packets in academia have risen substantially across the board during the past five-six years. Even in government colleges/universities such as AIIMS, IIMs and IITs, faculty earn up to Rs.80 lakh after 10-12 years service. In premier private universities, entry level faculty pay and perks add up to Rs.25 lakh with deans and vice chancellors recruited at Rs.4-4.5 crore per year. Moreover in the best coaching schools, top IIT and IIM graduates start as faculty at Rs.1 crore-plus with proven star professors popular with students taking home Rs.3-5 crore. Suddenly teaching in higher education institutions has become a very well-rewarded career,” says Banker.

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