Indian Higher Education : Opportunities for Global Institutions

India, with its changing demographics and socioeconomic development, is at the cusp of reforms in the education sector. India is currently the youngest economy with a significant demographic dividend with over half of its population under 25. However, this also poses a great responsibility for the country to educate and equip the youth with globally relevant knowledge, attitude and skills. This report is aimed at explaining complexities and opportunities in Indian Higher Education.

Higher education sector will be a key area of growth with increasing population in the tertiary age group and a growing and globally aware middle class. Expanding the capacity in tertiary offerings and improving the quality of education are the nation’s priorities at the moment.

Private sector has seen tremendous growth in the unregulated education sector in India in the past decade and is expected to grow further. Services like vocational courses, language training, coaching classes and professional training courses fall under this segment and provide opportunities for foreign direct investment for international education institutions. The unregulated higher education sector has already witnessed an inflow of around 500 mn USD in the past decade.

Private sector growth in the regulated higher education segment is restricted due to the ‘not-for-profit’ clause. The Government of India has recognized this and there are plans to bring reformation through increasing public private partnership, allowing easy funding options for private institutes and re-examining the ‘not-for-profit’ clause. This, however, is expected to take some time.

Meanwhile, International institutes need to take a long term view and engage in developing multidimensional relationship with Indian higher education institutions. This report throws light on opportunities for Global Institutions in India.

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