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In India, Performing Arts is generally considered as a hobby than a career. Especially, performing arts education is in a nascent stage. In such scenario, a premier institution, with the ambition to be globally benchmarked music institution, it is crucial to build reputation of a formal education Institution. EduShine assisted the institution with institutional restructuring to adopt to the best practices of professional and academic world.

The Institution

This institute is India’s first, comprehensive professional institute of contemporary music started by a leading music composer and a sound engineer. The objective of the school is to provide music education of highest calibre to Indian students, and empowers them for a career in music. The institute impart best-in-class teaching and training methods from around the globe, within the framework of the Indian sociocultural and economic context. Leadership team of this music school is internationally recognized for their talent across the globe.

At the school, they make learning music a holistic, new experience; elements of both combining in an attitude that best suit the idea in question. There students learn western and Indian instruments, music production, composition, studio & live sound and DJing, through full and part-time courses.


As mentioned above, the consulting assignment was aimed at institutional assessment and organisational restructuring for building the reputation and credibility of formal education institution and improve operational efficiency by implementing best suited processes and practices of academic institution clubbed with corporate structure.


EduShine conducted detailed institutional assessment exercise by meeting with leadership and top management, followed by survey of all the 3 stakeholders – employees, students and industry.

Based on the inputs of the meetings and survey, EduShine segregated institutional departments in 2 segments – academic departments & professional departments.

We suggested separate structure for both the departments. Both the segments had different designations, roles and reporting structures. Further, the mechanism for smooth coordination between both the structures was created by implementation of matrix structure reporting. Eventually, leadership of both the functions – academic & professional, reported to the institution leadership and the board.


The effort vastly improved institution’s operational efficiency and reputation. The employees have better clarity of their roles and they are more empowered; current and prospective students’ image of the institution as a formal education institution improved drastically.

Specifically below mentioned functions gained due to the restructuring exercise:

  • Admissions
  • Student feedback & satisfaction
  • Employee clarity of their role
  • Industry perception
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