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Case Study: Liberal Arts Faculty Hiring
Liberal Arts education is gaining popularity in recent times and new liberal arts focused universities are coming up rapidly. To meet this new demand and to provide holistic education to their students, prestigious engineering universities are also starting Liberal Arts School.

EduShine assisted one of the top ranked Indian engineering university in securing 11 globally benchmarked liberal arts faculties.

The Institution

The university is one of the oldest and most prestigious private institution of India. It is consistently ranked among top 5 private institutions of India and has been well respected for its academic rigour.

The university is a leader in engineering education in India, however it has no presence in the social sciences education. The university is coming up with a new globally benchmarked liberal arts school.

Search Objective

As a highly prestigious university, the institution offers globally benchmarked engineering education. In the changing environment, the institution wants to impart holistic education to its students. It wants to offer left brain-right brain balanced education by starting globally benchmarked liberal arts school.

To meet this objective, the institution decided to hire 15 faculties in all the major areas of liberal arts education. To meet the university quality standard, it decided to hire faculties with PhD from top 500 universities in the world.

Keeping this objective in mind, the institution appointed EduShine for hiring 11 global faculties for school of liberal arts.

The Challenge

Liberal arts education is emerging as a new trend in India. However, traditionally, liberal arts education has been neglected in India and due to this reason, there is a dearth of quality faculty in liberal arts area. On one side demand is very high, and on other side quality faculties who are open to consider job opportunities with private institutions are very limited.

The university is based at second tier city in Punjab and the campus is about 6 hours driving distance from nearest metro city of Delhi / NCR.

Being a traditional university, the institution doesn’t focus on brand building exercise so very few Indian origin faculties in Europe and US are aware about this university.

In this scenario, hiring 11 liberal arts faculties with PhD from global top 500 universities in the world is a real challenge.

Search Strategy

As a higher education sector executive search and recruitment firm, EduShine understands the academic mindset and their preferences well. Considering this, EduShine suggested 3 stage hiring strategy to the institution’s leadership.

Stage 1 : Hiring 3 chair professors to represent the institution’s liberal arts school

EduShine suggested the Institution’s leadership to first hire 3 Chair Professors in the major areas of liberal arts – Psychology / Sociology, Economics and Arts / Design. The objective was to first hire the anchor faculties who can be the liberal arts face of the institution and can assist in selection process for the other faculties. The institution’s leadership accepted EduShine’s request.

EduShine mapped India’s all the the premier private liberal arts institutions and shortlisted 7 target institution. Out of these 7 liberal arts institution, we identified 23 liberal arts faculties with PhD from global top 200 universities and 20+ years of global teaching experience. After, assessment process, EduShine represented 5 profiles, meeting with the education, experience and subject area criteria.

Stage 2: Hiring 5-7 Assistant Professors

In this stage 17 liberal arts institutions were mapped for the assistant professor and PhD scholar profiles. After this mapping we identified 78 candidates meeting with the criteria of PhD from global top 500 universities. After internal assessment, EduShine represented 17 shortlisted profiles meeting all the required criteria.

Stage 3: Hiring 3-5 Expat Faculties

In this stage EduShine, identified 35 expat faculties from its database who were meeting with the required criteria. After internal assessment process, EduShine represented 7 expat faculties meeting with the required criteria and interested to join the instittution.

The Outcome

After rigorous selection process conducted by global selection panel, the institution offered to 4 Chair Professors. Out of these 4 chair professors 3 accepted the offer and joined in the month of March, 2020. Profile brief of these 3 chair professors are as below:

  1. Professor in Sociology – PhD from Michigan State University with 30 years of teaching experience in US, UK and India
  2. Professor in Economics – PhD from SUNY Buffalo with 25+ years of teaching experience in France and India
  3. Professor in Design & History – PhD from UNSW, Australia with 20+ years of teaching experience in Australia and India

After second phase of selection process, 5 Assistant Professors are selected. And they joined in the month of September, 2020. They are PhD from Purdue University, Leiden University Netherland, Freie University Germany, JNU and University of Queensland.

After third phase of selection process, 3 Expat Professors joined (Virtually) in the month of September September, 2020. They are PhD from Queensland University of Technology, Lingnan University Hong Kong and University of Nottingham. All the 3 faculties will join at the campus once the international flights resumes to India.

Impressed with the successful completion of this liberal arts foreign faculty recruitment project, client institution leadership retained EduShine for the project of recruiting 5 foreign faculties in computer science area.

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