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Imparting advanced level courses in emerging technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics, there has always been demand of academics with strong basics and hands on industry experience. However, owing to the niche nature of the category and the contrast in corporate and educational salaries, experienced academics have always been high in demand but a challenge to find. Edushine assisted the institution, in its global search to find an industry expert with accomplished background, to join them as Dean-Consulting and build on its academic pool.

The Institution

A globally benchmarked institution, operating at the intersection of education, research & industry consulting, was looking out for an academic profile with exceptional credentials to join them as a Dean-Consulting. The founders of this institute have decades of global experience in the sector along with Phds from top global universities (Carnegie Mellon, UPenn, SUNY Buffalo, UT Al-paso etc.) and have been  building products and providing cutting-edge solutions to clients. One of the program from this institution is ranked at number #3 (#2 among academic institutions) in the world by for “Big Data Certifications That Pay Off”. The establishment is in parallel flanked by Columbia University and Stanford University in this list.

Having built an intense reputation at such a nascent stage, the institution was keen to uphold this carefully curated industry repertoire. The founders were very specific that they only wanted a candidate that had global exposure and an extensive academic record.

Today, big-data and analytics is a driving force behind economic growth. However, there are only handful of professionals who have the vision and the relevant experience in this field. Because the industry continues to remain niche, finding full-time academic faculty in this area is a herculean task. To make matters more complicated, the industry salaries for such professionals are exorbitant. Thus, discovering a technically suitable candidate who would want to pursue an academic career and make the offer convincing for them, within budgetary constraints of education institution was the biggest challenge.

Understanding the client ask, we created scenarios in which candidates would be happy to join the academic role with the institution. Further, we identified a few catchment areas like – Independent Consultants, Early Stage entrepreneurs and Industry leaders who were at the tail end of their professional career due to age and would like to extend that tenure by entering an academic role.

We started with mapping prominent Big Data consultancies globally & early stage startups with experienced founders and finally presented five shortlisted candidates to the client.

During the search process, EduShine also mapped top faculties in the area of Big Data Analytics. After connecting these dots, we felt, this candidate could be a good fit for the role.

All of 58 years, the candidate was already at the epitome of his corporate career. He had over 20 years’ hands on experience in providing data driven analytic solutions to improve business performance. He also displayed exceptional ability in providing strategic inputs to improve ROI/profitability of marketing programs in his previous corporate role and was immensely well regarded and sought after in the industry. The institute selected the said candidate as Dean – Consulting, due to his extensive professional experience and impeccable academic qualification, which included a Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Based on successful outcome of the search, the institution assigned a new search for two more faculties to EduShine.

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