University Partnerships

With over 35000 higher education institutes, India is home to one of the largest education systems in the world. There has been a significant increase in the share of the private universities as part of total universities from 5% in 2008-09 to 19% in 2011-12.This goes to show that the sector not only has high potential from an investor standpoint but will prove to be extremely competitive too.

Need for partnerships & collaborations

Indian Education Market is gathering much consideration from diverse groups and corporations. Foreign universities and corporate players looking to invest in the education market in India need an expert on-ground partner who has practical local knowledge, research capabilities and wide networks to ensure that the market entry strategy is pragmatic and comprehensive.

Our expertise in University partnership

That is where EduShine plays the major role in introducing our clients to the Indian education market. EduShine integrates its industry expertise with market research experience to assist corporate houses and foreign universities in identifying their market entry strategy via planning and implementation services. We evaluate and identify the best route to entry, provide strategic advice, make recommendations on competitive positioning and consult on how to deal with potential barriers to entry or growth.

We assist in building deeply embedded partnerships that enable universities to achieve their internationalization ambitions.

Our unique positioning will help you access several leading education institutions and groups around the world. As a part of our University partnership program, we provide the following service offerings in relation to India Market Entry & Partnership.

Market Research & Partner Search

Edushine conducts customized research to analyse the environment the institution aims to enter. Being a consulting firm in education sector with strong relationship among depth and width of the education system, our industry expertise and core networks keep research outcomes pragmatic and actionable.

When it comes to strategizing the market for this sector, we create a holistic blueprint of the investment procedure providing expert guidance on maximizing your return on investment.

Building sustainable partnerships

We hand-hold you through the preliminary steps of establishment or acquisition to make the process swift and smooth. EduShine further offer Partnership Assistance of any soughts at every stage of trading.

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