Strategic Planning

It has been observed that many universities & institutes’ strategic plans are just wish list than a well-defined road map for the institution. It is vetted internally, is short on real choices, and validating what the institution is already doing rather than creating a realistic vision of where it can go.

Strategic planning in higher education, especially for universities, requires that the institution researches and analyses its current strengths and weaknesses, understand gaps in its current offerings and build its leadership to take on opportunities based on changes in the global education sector.

Hiring an external education strategy expert is an extremely important step for any institution that wishes to realign itself with fast-changing global education developments. While an institution can draw its future road-map internally, the strategy also needs to be vetted externally by an education strategy expert who can create a realistic vision for the institution.

At EduShine we have a different understanding of strategic planning, one that calls for leadership to develop a vision and refine it in light of solid data about the competitive environment in which the institution operates. We help institutions articulate a vision and gather the market inputs needed to make plans that are, in fact, strategic and achievable.

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