Project Recruitment

Whether it’s a greenfield new university project or starting a new department in already established university, the university has to recruit large number of academic and non-academic staff within limited period of time without compromise on quality of talent. In such scenario, universities need assistance of an expert higher education recruitment consultant in India.

Same way, if an elearning or education company receives new round of funding or launches a new product, there is a need for recruiting large number of quality talent in very short time.

EduShine, with more than 7 years of proven expertise as education recruitment consultant in India, has assisted some of the most prestigious Institutions and elearning companies with project recruitment.

Project Recruitment

Project recruitment is a project specific, large scale, time bound form of recruitment primarily designed to help the institutions/organisations to respond efficiently and manage the complex, high-risk scenarios by analyzing, qualifying and placing top talent within a defined timeframe. Project recruitment solutions allow the institutions and organisations to preempt and adapt to political, economic, social or technological change and gain a competitive edge; all without the overheads (time, money, energy) associated with upskilling and expanding their human personnel teams.

When do institutions typically need project recruitment support?

When an organisation is expanding an existing facility, commissioning the construction of a new facility or perhaps undergoing a period of rapid transformation, they might require to source human resources and a particular level or across the level and segments. This creates a need for Project Recruitment, whether it’s a greenfield university project or the university is launching a new department, the university needs quick turn around time in recruitment without compromise on quality of talent. In such a scenario, universities need assistance from expert higher education recruitment consultant in India.

  • They are experiencing hiring requirements beyond the capacity of what they can manage on their own.      
  • They are going through a period of expansion and require particular skill sets to carry out.
  • They are creating or launching a new vertical/department.
  • There is a recruitment backlog they cannot cope with.
  • They have won a new contract with tight delivery times.
  • They’re on expansion geographically.
  • They have a need to ramp up recruitment at a particular location but their brand is unknown to top talent in the target domain.

Why EduShine?

Globalization has made most of the products and services “Glocal” and certainly the education sector has not left behind. In such a competitive scenario we have proven ourselves efficient enough to execute unbiased reviews, we have been promising enough to analyze the operational efficiency, channelizing the growth aspects and withdrawing what has become osculating in nature. Today,

everybody is surrounded with options to exploit and thus in such a competitive situation no organization exists in a vacuum. Demands for services can fluctuate, resulting in you expanding your capacity at one moment, and restructuring the next. Long-term success is dependent upon the institution’s ability to rapidly adapt to market changes and fluctuations. Project recruitment solutions take the burden off your personnel teams during periods of heightened recruitment.

How do we do our job?

EduShine, with more than 7 years of expertise as the best education recruitment agency in India, has a proven track record of assisting some of the most prestigious Institutions and elearning companies with project recruitment.

The six steps for placing permanent talent as part of a recruitment project are detailed below. Practicing a research driven approach keeps us standing apart in the Higher Education sector and below is the idea we tend to follow with a team of specialized professionals.

1) Discovery & Define

The discovery process serves two purposes: 1) to establish the skills, experience and competencies essential for achieving the objective and 2) to define the client’s mission and values.

2) Search & Identify

With the situation and requirements clearly established, the next phase is to analyse the market – talent mapping – to identify the calibre of candidates and the  location where they reside. Talent mapping serves to reduce lead times, ensuring the geographic scope is sufficient in size to headhunt A-players while generating insight into how best to approach them.

3) Qualify & Access

The approach aims to establish whether there is sufficient interest in the role and pre screen candidates based on the minimum requirements – e.g. whether they have a visa to work in the country. Providing candidates are interested and sufficiently qualified for the position,  comprehensive qualification assessment including competency and technical based questioning designed to match a candidate’s skills, experience and competencies against the job specification will follow

4) Select & Shortlist

Following qualification, those candidates who skills, experience and values best match the job specification are presented to the client for consideration, together with their CV and any supporting information that can assist the client in their selection. 

5) Guide & Influence

Candidates successful at shortlisting will enter the interview phase. It is in the best interest of the recruitment project provider to diligently brief and prepare their candidates ahead of the interview, giving them the best possible chance of success. 

6) Close & Feedback

The final milestone in the search process, the successful candidate(s) will be made a job offer providing their background and reference checks gives the green light. Any A-player in their industry worth their salt will be made a counter-offer, so many recruitment project providers provide full offer management to include the handling of counter offers and the provision of post-offer support.

Following the successful conclusion, we seek feedback on the hiring process from all candidates who interviewed with our client. This information is fed back to the key stakeholders, enabling their client to hone their hiring process and alerting them to potential issues which could adversely affect the candidate experience and impact employer brand. And this practice has helped us evolve as the best education recruitment consultant in India.

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