Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Indian higher education sector is operating with an acute shortage of skilled workforce. Further, most of the higher education institutions don’t have professionally managed Human Resources departments. When 

In such scenarios, institutions seek assistance from higher education recruitment consultants in India. Progressive institutions look for consultants with a proven track record of education sector recruitment and education sector executive search to outsource the complete recruitment process of their institution.

What RPO means and what does it stand for?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a form of business process outsourcing where an employer outsources or transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external service provider. Its basic function is to place the people/talent resource into the organization. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) involves an employer turning the responsibility of finding potential job candidates over to a third-party service provider. The prime purpose of an RPO is to designate a company to hire prospects for the talent pool of resources against a specific need of an organization, within a designated time frame.

Why you may need an RPO: –

Recruitment Process Outsourcing has proven effective in-sourcing for the more specific and niche talent sectors. RPO in recruitment can help an employer stand out. It can also provide companies with people analytics on hiring practices. Another benefit of RPO is the way it supports globalization as organizations expand their businesses. It’s important to standardize sourcing, hiring and onboarding processes. Replacing multiple recruitment outposts with a centralized RPO provider can help companies achieve this aim within the stipulated time frame. It also helps the organization in reducing cost, saving time, improving compliance and getting better access to more qualified and efficient human resources.


Point to be Considered, before selecting an RPO.

RPO recruitment solutions are evolving to set new talent acquisition best practices that use talent analytics, recruitment technology and innovative sourcing strategies to get your organization the people it needs. The world of talent is constantly changing. Innovative new tools, techniques and technologies reshape how organisations source, engage and retain high performing talent. Access you re-search to an RPO who is capable of offering a diverse and ambitious talent pool and is capable of taking over the recruitment process completely.

Finding the perfect employee can be tricky – not only the clients look for a candidate with the right level of experience and ideal skills, but they also consider personality, education, and background, among other things. Each of our recruitment experts has been provided with industry-leading training, and is prepared to meet the unique needs of our clientele. Analyse if your RPO is efficient enough to meet all of these.

Why EduShine?

Firstly, we want our clients to feel secure, knowing that they have us. Yes, we do have that kind of confidence in our services and have proven our-self persistent in that regard. We bet to have a thorough and detailed understanding of best in class Executive Search practices. Secondly, we make sure our job is done RIGHT, EVERYTIME. Thirdly, we believe that talent acquisition is not just a hiring strategy. Rather, it is a comprehensive and inclusive business plan that helps to administer profitability and productivity issues. And this provides us an edge in the entire process.

Why are we considered as the best Education Recruitment firm in India?

Apart from providing unrivalled experience, capability and thought leadership to help clients attract, engage and retain the talent they need for business success. We also do following:-

  • We see challenges as opportunities
  • We strive to come up with the best solution.
  • We don’t do hiring, rather we align the leaders and work.
  • We put an effort to bridge the gap between the business purpose/agenda and the prospect’s- passion, choice and strength.
  • We manage complex and niche talent requisition programme through a seamless balance of technology/tool and human expertise.
  • We do mapping and research before coming up, with a comprehensive solution.
  • We focus on “Strategy Recruitment” and “Custom made Placements”.
how can we help you?

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